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The Benefits of Office Wall Murals for Corporate and Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The days of stuffy, fluorescent lit offices and grey cubicles are beginning to become a thing of the past. More and more companies are starting to take a page from the office design books of places like Google and Facebook, who have embraced colorful decor, open office designs, and a less formal overall approach to their offices.

Heerlen City Office. Mural Art by James Jetlag

One way to brighten up and reinvigorate your company’s offices is with a colorful, creative office wall mural. Companies as diverse as Twitter, the stationary company BIC, indie game developer Sumo Digital, legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett, and countless others have all embraced office wall murals to do just that.

Think a custom wall mural might be right for your office? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and get some great ideas for your own mural.   

Murals improve employee morale.

“Staring at a wall” is a common euphemism for being bored out of one’s mind, but with a colorful, creative custom wall mural your employees will be able to get a boost of creativity and energy when they look at the wall. Openness, creativity, and collaboration are the new buzzwords of 21st Century office culture, and an exciting mural is a great way to foster that kind of environment – and do a lot for productivity and loyalty in the process.

Murals help to reinforce company identity and branding.  

Creating and nurturing a brand identity is a critical part of doing business in the 21st Century. Unique wall murals and other office décor can go a long way in doing just that, for your employees and for visitors to your office. This can help with recruiting, creating partnerships, and so much more.

Murals can take advantage of the power of color theory.

It’s well documented that different colors have different effects on mood and behavior. By emphasizing different colors with wall-sized office murals, you can encourage calmness, excitement, balance, creativity, and more.

Location and Design: Choosing the Right Wall Mural for Your Office

Depending on what you’d like your office wall mural to accomplish, different locations may be best (of course, these aren’t mutually exclusive, there’s always room for multiple murals).

Entryways or foyers can be a great place for branding, logos, and mission statements intended to establish company identity to new employees and visitors.Main office spaces, “bullpens,” and even cafeterias are great for murals designed to improve employee productivity and boost mood.Break rooms can be a great place to install soothing murals with calm colors.

Design will depend on your company culture and identity, but common ideas include some of the following:

Company logos and mission statements, Collages and large illustrations, Faux-windows and trompe-l’oeil pictures to create a sense of space and openness.

Working with a professional designer, interior decorator, or artist can be a great way to design exactly the mural you need. BZL CREW is a team of professional mural artists and graffiti who specializes in world class mural and graffiti designs.

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