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Words on Wall

A painting on a wall would be a beauty to behold and a really cool mural but there is power in the words. Today, we gonna focus on stenciling as a mural technique. Stenciling is the art of producing a design, pattern or image by applying ink or paint over an intermediate object which would be paper, cardboard or even wood.

They are also a great way to highlight or contrast parts of walls, floors and even furniture and doors. The good thing about stenciling is that the materials are re-usable, as long as they remain intact after producing a design. Stenciling on a wall shouldn't be much of a hassle, it would only take your time and sweat. So, if you wish to display beautiful written words on your wall, which could be in form of poetry, quote or a motivation to start the day. With these five basic steps, you are good to go.

1. Clean the work surface.

Always clean the surface. Never forget this. Infact, there is nothing good you can do with a dirty, moldy wall with cracks and impurities. Take out your time to clear the surface. On more details on what materials to use and how you should go about it, read our previous blog post.

2. Get Your Materials Ready.

Okay, so now you've cleaned the wall and you are all warmed up to get your words on the wall. Have you got all the materials you need? I ain't talking about just a paint and a paintbrush. I'm talking about finding the right stencils, which could be bought or made, depending on you. You'll also need Stencil tape or adhesive tape, pencils, level, small foam roller and spray paints. or the paints, if working indoor, opt for latex, outdoor go for acrylic.

3. Place the Stencil on the Wall.

So your wall is ready, your tools are set, we can now get to it. First, paint your desired base or background color on the wall. When it's dry, you place your stencils on the wall, at the desired location or area you wish to begin with. Your stencils are going to move, so you have to keep it in place with an adhesive tape. Use the level to ensure the stencil is straight.

4. Paint it.

You can paint one letter at a time or place all the letters on the wall and paint, it's all up to you. Get very little paint on your foam roller or brush. If you've taken too much, roll off the excess. Your roller or brush shouldn't be dripping with paint. You can repaint again, just leave the stencil in place and wait till the first layer is a bit dry and then roll again. When brushing or painting over the details, do this towards the open part and not towards the edge of the stencil. Believe me, you don't want to get paint over or under the edges of the stencil, it will so ruin the beauty of your work.

5. Retouch and Clean up

Let the paint dry as you wash and store your materials. If you want to reuse the stencil, wash it very well in warm water and store in a dry place. You can wash up any marks or smudges made on the wall, with a damp cloth after the design is dry. You can also touch up the lines and letters, smooth the edges and get those extra details and finishing touches looking just fine.

Viola, your words are stuck on that wall. Doesn't sound great this way but you get, at this point, your idea is achieved and your design, completed. Very soon, we will go into details on how to create a stencil, you don't want to miss out, so what are you waiting for hit that subscribe button.

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