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Transforming walls with lofty artworks

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about us

BZL CREW is a creative company based in Lagos, specialized in interior / exterior mural paintings, graffiti arts, street art & urban contemporary art installations. Leading the team, Oluwaseyi Gbadebo is a passionate creative director and visual artist with over a decade of experience. Our Crew of professional artists includes some of the best and respected muralists, illustrators and graffiti artists in Nigeria.

Our passion is to create captivating, culturally relevant murals that enhance & transform spaces, engage audiences, and activate brands. Because we love our work and are continually driven to push our own creative limits, we treat every project as an opportunity to create the best artwork we can. For us, no project is complete until we have put 100% of our energy, creativity, skill and vision into the artwork.

Every idea, vision, and style of artwork is possible including original brand-inspired artwork, geometric, abstract, typography, urban calligraphy, traditional graffiti, cartoon, figurative, portrait, realism, anamorphic, 3D, optical illusion and more. Each piece of artwork we create is original, hand-painted and designed collaboratively from your vision.


From the conceptualization of your vision to the finished mural, we guide the collaborative process with professionalism and ease. We manage all logistics associated with the project (i.e lift hire, materials etc.) whilst keeping you informed and engaged in the creative process.


small business branding

You are working hard to build your small business and we want to help you thrive. Make an impact on your customers as they come into your space. We specialize in precision painting of your brand/logo or we can create something entirely new that complements your marketing strategy.

outdoor murals

public art not only enhances our community, but it brings foot traffic to your business while harnessing the power of social media marketing for your brand. whatever size your outdoor space, we'd love to design an art mural that integrates with your business, custom to your space and style.

3-dimensional installations

Bring your artwork to life by introducing three dimensions. It creates a more engaging environment and adds extra emphasis and impact to the most important part of your design, as well as solves practical problems. Ask us how we can add custom elements to transform your space.

immersive spaces

Transforming an entire space will engage your clients like nothing else, especially if those clients are children. We love the joy and wonder that some simple paint can bring for our smallest customers. Waiting rooms, offices, classrooms and hallways can become other worlds.


our projects

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What Our Clients Say



"These guys are awesome. inventive in their thought and imagery, and very professional in execution. "


                                                                                            Engr. Tosin Aladelola| PLANET PROJECTS

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